Our Partners

At BloodTrailz Tracking App, we are proud to collaborate with leading organizations and experts in the outdoor and hunting community. Through these partnerships, we aim to enhance the hunting experience and promote responsible outdoor practices. Together, we strive to provide hunters with the tools and knowledge they need for a successful and ethical hunt.

Game & Fish Magazine

Game & Fish Magazine is a trusted source for hunting and fishing enthusiasts, offering valuable insights, tips, and news to help outdoor enthusiasts make the most of their adventures. Our partnership with Game & Fish Magazine allows us to reach a broader audience of hunters and share our passion for tracking technology.

 Source: https://www.gameandfishmag.com/editorial/tracking-dog-can-be-hunters-best-friend/482757

Field & Stream

Field & Stream has been a cornerstone of the outdoor community for generations, providing expert advice, gear reviews, and captivating stories for hunters and anglers alike. Collaborating with Field & Stream enables us to contribute to their extensive resources on deer tracking and hunting techniques, helping hunters improve their skills and achieve greater success in the field. 

Source: https://www.fieldandstream.com/hunting/deer-tracking-tips/?amp

WCHS TV – Wild Appalachia

WCHS TV is dedicated to showcasing the beauty and diversity of Appalachia’s wildlife and landscapes. Our partnership with WCHS TV’s Wild Appalachia program allows us to support conservation efforts and outdoor education initiatives in the region. Together, we celebrate the rich heritage of Appalachian hunting traditions and promote sustainable practices for future generations of outdoor enthusiasts. 

Source: https://wchstv.com/amp/community/wild-appalachia/wild-appalachia-longspur-tracking-and-outfitting

Join Us

We are grateful for the support of our partners, whose expertise and passion enrich the hunting community and inspire us to continually improve our tracking technology. If you are interested in partnering with BloodTrailz Tracking App or have any inquiries, please contact us to explore potential collaborations and opportunities.